The Salsa King

The Salsa King, AKA My Father in law or FIL is the King of salsa. Every fall My FIL makes a massive batch of home made salsa and “massive” is an understatement. I absolutely LOVE salsa, especially this salsa for many reasons. Not only is it home made but a good portion of the salsa was grown in his backyard. This year he offered up some of his stash if we could come over and help out. Morgan had a ton of homework but I was excited to not only have something to do while Morgan was concentrating but I was also excited to be able to learn how the King does his thing.

This was one massive project. The second we walked into the house we were hit with the  smell of tomatoes and onions. We walked in to see quite the production line with both of Morgan’s sisters chopping and dicing. My job was to peel the tomato skins off after they were boiled. It was a couple hours later before we made our way through the pile of tomatoes but we managed and have been able to enjoy the fruits of our labors. The crazy thing is that I HATE tomatoes on or in anything but I LOVE salsa. Go figure.

I learned so much being a pair of hands in the kitchen but the biggest thing I learned was that this project is not for the week and it takes sooo much work but with the right people, its actually really fun and you know what they say, many hands make light work.




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