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Start at $250.00


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If you said yes to all the above, we are the perfect match.

Typically there are two kinds of clients searching for a photographer. One who’s only objective is to find someone with a fancy camera who offers the best deal for pictures “good enough” to get the job done. If that is you that is perfectly okay. You probably just don’t value what I have to offer and are not the best fit for me…. The other type of client is the one who will be able to work with me, treat me a photographer who is more than just a vendor but also a friend. If you are searching for someone who will invest everything into your pictures and will do everything in their power to get the perfect shot, we will be the perfect fit.

To get the kind of images you see on my site, it is not all me. We have to become a team. You have to let me have the creative freedom, you have to be okay with letting me into your relationship, your family dynamics, your jokes, your quirks and more importantly, your love. I want to help you remember this time of your life all of it. That includes letting go of the Pinterest pictures and embracing the loud, the quiet, the spontaneous, the HONEST parts of life. I want to capture the moments that happen when no one else is looking. Don’t worry, I will get the traditional posed smiling shots that will work with grandma’s family collage, but I want to give you something that you’ll look back on time and time again and not only remember how it was but how you felt. I want to recreate an experience that causes you two to fall in love with each other even more.