5 ways to spice up Valentine’s Day on a Budget

This year Morgan and I are starting something new… In the past, Morgan has been in charge of Valentine’s Day and we have traded off the Anniversary. Now, we are going to be trading off both holidays because it is only fair. So this year I am in charge of Valentine’s Day and Morgan is taking over our Anniversary in August.

Valentine’s Day and our Anniversary are my two favorite holidays because no one expects us to do anything but be with each other so we really can do whatever the heck we want! In the past, Valentine’s Day has just be a fancier date night dinner with a gift. This year I want to try to make Valentine’s Day a little bit more special without blowing our budget. Ive come up with 5 simple and easy things to do and I think it will make Valentine’s Day seem more significant than just a date night dinner.

1. StickyNote <3

Let’s face it, breakfast in bed is just not going to happen when Valentine’s Day is on aweekday. With our schedules, it just doesn’t work so instead, I have to be sneaky. The night before I will be the last one in the bathroom and leave my lovely a heart shaped collection of sticky notes! If you have the time you can leave sweet messages on the sticky notes or even go crazy with a window marker and write a cute message. I know that it isn’t breakfast but its better than nothing. *pro tip* use the top of the sticky notes to create the inside of the heart, It is actually harder than it looks!

2. Kiss the ground he walks on

When my hubby is all ready for work I will send him off with a Kiss and let him find his next surprise in his car…… Sometime before the morning ill sneak out into the truck to spread a bunch of kisses all over.  Hopefully he wont be too mad that I messed up the truck 😉 I envision a bunch of Hersey Kisses on the ground & seats of the Truck with a sign saying “I Kiss the Ground You Walk on  XXX” If I didn’t have a dog that would think I was talking about him, I would have made a trail from the kitchen to the garage ….  But ill stick to the truck 😉

3. Candy Surprise

Another sneaky trick…. After Morgan packs all of his things for the next day, I will hide some candy in his pockets and bag/backpack with notes attached so the surprises just keep coming all day long. (Keep in mind, don’t put chocolates in pockets just so you don’t unintentionally create a chocolate disaster)


4. 14 things I love about you

After the hubby leaves & before he gets home, leave numbers or hearts (I will be doing 14  hearts because it will be the 14th of February) with “14 things I love about you” on the bedroom door or the garage door so it will be easily seen when he gets home! If you have a circuit machine then doing a bunch of numbers would be quick and easy. Or you can just cut the rest of the sticky notes into hearts as well! I am just using some colored paper that I have in my craft room.

5. Conversation Stones








I saved the best for last, I have created these conversation stones for dinner. This was the longest project. These are just conversation starters and fun questions that you caould just print off and read. Im not going to lie, It took some time to cut out the questions and ModgePodge them on but I plan on using these for future date nights. Let’s face it, after being married for 4 years and close friends for 6, our conversations tend to gravitate towards work, school or other people and its hardly ever about us! These questions are all about us and our relationship because that is what the day is really all about anyways! I am actually pretty exciting because some of the questions I am genuinely curious to see if I really do know what Morgan would answer.

So there you have it, 5 simple, easy and cheap ways to spice up Valentine’s Day!

The awesome part of this whole thing is that I was able to get everything I needed for this for less than $15 at Walmart. It took me 10 min and I think it is going to make a huge difference.

Here is the quick list:

  •  1 package of sticky notes
  • Hersey Kisses
  • Hard Candy’s for pockets (I also got Morgan’s favorite flavor of Gum & Mints to hide)
  • Red paper for hearts or numbers (use scraps for notes hidden in pockets)
  • Conversation Stones. – I found the stones for .97 per package at Walmart in the craft section. I got two bags of them and that was plenty. ( Don’t go to Michaels because they were 4x’s the price )


Do you have any good Ideas as well? Are you going to try any of these? Comment below, Let me know and tell me how it goes!


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