Christmas 2017

This year we stuck true to our traditions we set last year and for Christmas Eve, we were very excited to see that it was actually snowing! In Utah, it has been a very strange winter with hardly any snow fall but we were able to witness the very definition of a Christmas miracle. Because Christmas Eve fell on a Snowy Sunday, Morgan and I got to open one gift each and then stayed bundled up, and loaded Leo in the truck to take a peek at some “dancing” lights in the neighborhood across from us while sipping some homemade hot chocolate. After watching the lights and heart attacks as Morgan “played” in the snow while driving, we made it home to watch the Grinch and ate Grinch popcorn. As usual, I didn’t make it far into the movie before falling asleep but that just meant Christmas morning was going to get here sooner!

Christmas morning was just as fun, Morgan and I have what could be a strength or weakness when it comes to gift giving. Both of us were so excited for Christmas not to open the gifts but to watch the other open theirs. It is especially soooo hard for me because I cannot keep a secret from Morgan for the life of me. Ive had to stop getting gifts in advanced because I have no self-control when it comes to giving gifts and I cannot contain my excitement.

The holidays this year were so much better than last, I made it a point to not take any clients in December and focus on family time. I also loved that we were able to have traditions for our little family that hopefully in a few years our future kids will also look forward to. This year was my favorite simply because we were able to spend so much more time together. Although im always grateful, the holidays really seem to amplify my gratitude for the knowledge that my family is forever.


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