Pinners 2016

What a weekend!! This weekend I attended the Pinners Conference all day Friday and Saturday afternoon. I decided I was going to go last minute. Like literally finalized my plans on Thursday night and sent a few texts out to my mom and some friends to see what their plans were. Luckily, I had a friend who was able to come and after she left, my mom was able to keep me company for the rest of the night and Saturday afternoon. I had heard about the Pinners Conf before but I had never gone so I had no idea what to expect.

Well, the way I was able to explain it to Morgan was heaven for crafting junkies and unsurprisingly, Pinterest addicts. There are the cutest booths all around the place then classes on the outside being held all day. There are 6 different classes going on at one time spanning all topics. From calligraphy to sewing, photography to cooking, hair tips and tricks to planning and marriage coaching.  Seriously, there is something for everyone going on. My favorite classes were held by Tombow, the manufacturer of my favorite brush pens and The photography class held by Jessica Janae. Some of the classes have kits that you can buy so you can follow along or you can just watch, its not mandatory to purchase a kit. In the future, I will actually plan on going before the night before the conference and will pre – register for classes. If you don’t pre register, you have to stand in line and hope that you are able to get in! Mom and I figured out a good system so we were able to make it to our classes but next year we will be pre- registering for sure.

I loved being able to attend the Pinners conference even though I couldn’t go to all of the classes Saturday, I felt like I had a great time and got the full experience. Since Morgan’s Birthday was Saturday, I was not going to go but Morgan insisted that I did so I just snuck away for a few hours in-between birthday festivities ( while Morgan got to play his new xbox game) but was still able to go to the classes that I was interested in and rush out only to wander around the City Creek parking lot looking for my car! Oh my heck, I seriously lost my car. It is officially the largest object I have ever lost… I called my mom, she didn’t remember where I parked and then for some reason, I texted Morgan… maybe expecting that he some how had some psychic powers and knew where my car was? But just like everything else, it showed up! I ended up having to start at the first level and work my way down clicking my key as I walked the isles…. But good news, I found it. haha My car has been found and I made it in time for Morgan’s birthday fun. Mom and I are totally going to make this a tradition and I am so excited to go again next year.

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