Halloween’s Perspective


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This year for Halloween, Morgan and I were able to help my mom corral these 4 hooligans up and down the street so my Dad could take candy duty back at the house. My extended family has never been super close compared to others and I have never been very close to my cousins but that was until these cute four moved close to us. Its been fun to be able to watch them learn and grow. Kids say the funniest things and these four are no exception.

It was so fun to be reminded how fun Halloween is for these little guys, It gave me a whole new perspective and made this year’s Halloween one of the best ones I’ve had in awhile. I still don’t get why we even celebrate it but we do and its so fun.


My main take away this year was looking at things through their eyes. Its so much more fun and exciting. I have so much fun hanging out with these cute four, they are a handful and equally hilarious. I cannot believe that my mom raised 5 of us and kept her head on her shoulders…. its amazing. we were outnumbered 4:3 and we were tag teaming the whole time, running back and forth making sure that we 1. got candy and 2. didn’t get hit by a car…. I don’t remember Halloween ever being so chaotic…. until now. Between face paints and costumes, again, my mom is a champ.

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