24 & On Point

24 and on point! This weekend was my main squeeze’s birthday weekend! Moe is officially 24 What the heck?! Where is time going?! This year, Morgan would not give me a definitive answer when it came to what he wanted to do. We have started a birthday tradition since being married reserving our birthday evenings at the Cheese Cake Factory just the two of us so at least I had that part. I gave him a few options, we could go to a movie, have the guys come over for pizza and xbox and finally, go shoot stuff. As soon as I mentioned shooting stuff I could see it in his eyes, that was what we would do. He specifically requested a low key afternoon with his guys ( and me tagging along) Coolest thing about these three hooligans is that they go way back. They have been shooting “stuff” for years now.

So there we had it, such a boys birthday. We spent a few hours at the new TNT gun range, came back home and changed for our biannual Cheese Cake dinner. One of my favorite parts of our dinner is being able to walk around with each other while waiting for our busier to start buzzing. chatting, Talking but mostly hand in hand laughing. I love this guy so much, he is such a goof, and sometimes so frustrating but above all, he is the most important guy in my life and I hope he had a fun day and has an even better year.

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