Friendsmas 2017

January 1, 2017 I texted our friends the dates of both Friendsgiving and Friendsmas for this year so that we got to have all of our friends over for the holidays and we didn’t have any double booking issues. It was as much for them as it was for me because if I don’t plan a party in advanced and set a date, once that week rolls around the introvert in me is like “Whyyyyyyy did I plan this?!” but after everything is said and done, I am always so glad that I did. #lifehack.

Friendsgiving was a bit of a rush since Morgan had a championship game for football and we were nearly late to our own party, so there is no proof that it actually happened but I was much more prepared for Friendsmas. I was able to bust out my industrial chocolate fountain that my brother gave to me for Christmas last year and we had an “Elf” themed party. We did pancakes and sweets inspired by the breakfast that Buddy eats in the movie. After that we had a gift exchange with a twist and played games well into the night. We are extremely lucky to have such a crazy group of people to keep life interesting.



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