Leo Turns 3

I always dread when people ask me, “so what’s new with you guys?” because I never really know what to say… Same old, Morgan is killing it in school, Im still doing my thing, throwing Birthday parties for my dog…. yes, you heard me right…..

This year Leo turned 3 so we (mostly me and Morgan just went along with my crazy plan… bless him) Backed Leo a cake, we each got him a gift and let him have a birthday party just the 3 of us on our Friday night hahaha. And yes, I had a ton of fun. Leo was so hesitant to eat the cake at first but once he realized it was a bunch of peanut butter and bacon bits (the dog treat) he dove right in. Morgan got him his favorite bones. (bullysticks) and I had been collecting tennis balls all summer (there is a tennis court that I frequently pass and saw balls left on the court all the time). We may be crazy, but we had more fun being crazy than we would have if we were normal. 😉


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