Would Have Told You, You Were Crazy

Today, I ran the TOSH Jordan river half marathon to train for next months race. The day before I made my legs exhausted by running a race pace 5K filled with hills and other leg workouts so I could emulate what they would feel like after being on a bike. Ill tell you what, they were sore! This race luckily started later than usual and was closer to my house so we weren’t talking 4am alarms ( my favorite )

This race was unlike the usual being that it was strictly for training, I have never done this before for this distance so I was curious to see how I would do. I started the race and immediately was ready to stop. I felt my legs screaming and by mile 3 was certain that I wasn’t going to be able to keep my pace up (finishing at 2:10) I started to walk and it just felt weird. I knew that Morgan and Maddie ( my cute SIL ) were going to be waiting for me at some point on the course so I decided to just keep trudging along until I saw them. I picked up the pace and made it back on track. I saw my awesome support crew and decided I just needed to toughen it up. The rain started to fall and the miles kept comin until I hit mile 8 that seemed to be the longest mile of them all. It is the funniest thing how some miles seem to come and go and others feel 5x’s the distance. With my legs screaming I was somehow able to keep pushing through and finished in 2:09. If you would have told me at the beginning of the year I would be running half marathons on tore down legs as a training run I would have said you were crazy.

**Super funny side note …. My PT was actually at the end of the finish line and I was able to report that I felt great and it seemed I had gotten over all my injuries!

I was also secretly excited to see that my time was my second fastest run to date. I am excited to be able to see how all this training will translate into my running races. But more importantly, I am hoping that this race foreshadows how ill be able perform next month after a 56 mile bike ride…

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