WannaBe Snow People

Its no secret I am not a huge fan of the snow. It wasn’t until we decided to get out and enjoy it until I realized just how long I have avoided the snow and not becoming a “snow  person”. After all the snow fall, and a weekend of deep, deep deep cleaning, (I’m talking 5 trash bags sent to DI) Morgan and his sisters and I, decided we were going to go sledding! Morgan and I frantically searched the house for some snow clothes only to come up with a beanie and some gloves… I’m not kidding… and they were the knit gloves that you get at the store for 1$. Morgan was kind enough to let me have the gloves and we just layered on the the clothes. The easiest item of clothing to find was Leo’s adorable sweater so it would hopefully protect his fur from catching all the snow.

Leo makes it so much more fun to be out it the snow. At first, he was pretty mad we were making him wear a sweater… that was until he was let off the leash to run free. It was so funny to see him leaping around like a deer! hahaha hoping around, back and forth from me to Morgan. Morgan tried to hold him while going down the hill but Leo was more excited to chase Morgan on the sled than to actually be on it. The little goof was impossible to stop he was so so pumped! unfortunately, we had to take him over to my parents after a little bit because his legs were COVERED in little snow balls and after awhile they start getting so heavy that they pull on his skin.

and just like that leo went from a snow ball back into a fur ball.

When we do take Leo out to play in the snow or just go to the park he knows to run and jump into the tub and ill turn the water on to thaw

him out. I make sure to start it out freezing then slowly bring up the temperature while massaging the snow balls off his legs. I try to make it fun for Leo by throwing in a toy or two that floats so it will swirl around in the water so he can try to catch his renegade toys.

After we dropped off Leo that’s when Morgan’s sisters Maddie and Makayla, met up with us. We only had the one sled but it turned out perfect so half of us could laugh historically as the other half screamed their lungs out flying down the hill. Sledding starts out fun and games… but then you start trying new things, going on jumps, standing, going backwards…. you start crashing and getting colder and colder while body parts just start hurting more and more…Or at least that is what happened with us.

We started out going down two by two then it was three of us then finally we packed on all four of us and started going on jumps. They were by no means huge jumps but they were big enough for this inexperienced chicken to panic. No doubt about it we ate it hard multiple times. At one point, I laughed so hard I cried. Not one of us was immune to the unforgiving reality of gravity. You can especially see it on Morgan’s clothes the best.

By the end of the day, I felt this odd numbing pain partially from the snow seeping through my denim jeans, while accompanied by the new bruises acquired from Morgan landing on me on our last run off the jump… All in all, as painful and uncomfortable the snow and sledding can be, I laughed so hard and enjoyed our outing so much that I cannot say I didn’t have a good time. I still wouldn’t call us “Snow people” but we are a big fan of having a good time and won’t let snow get in the way of that. 😉


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