The Fair is Coming

It is that time of year again! Crisper colder mornings or leaves losing their pigment doesn’t mean fall. Crisper colder mornings and leaves losing their pigment means the Utah state fair is coming! I have mentioned before that the Utah State fair is one of the traditions we had as a family. I was at the fair back stage with Brittany spears and Mark Wills, My brothers saw NSYNC before they were big and I walked hand in hand with Rodeo Queens whom I thought walked on water. Although it isn’t quite as big as it was before, the fair is something that I plan on always being to each year. This year, just like the last, I entered 3 pieces in the Photography competition. One in each category: Journalism, Domestic Animals, Babies / Children.

This year we went on the first day (a good way to save on the entrance fees) we had our good friend Levi come along for his FIRST time and hopefully he had as much fun as we do. We checked out the photography contest very first because I was supper anxious to see how I did this year! (they don’t let you know how you did, you just have to find out). Although I was surprised how the entries did or didn’t do, (check out the video below) I was overall completely satisfied that the money I won, paid for the entrance/printing fees with extra left over. So you know what that means …. Funnel cake!! I made sure that we got to go on the “big yellow slide” (that is what we called it when we were little before they changed the name and colors…) It is just as fun as it was every year before.

A newer tradition that I have started (about 3 years ago) is finding the crazy toe ring guy. He sells these toe rings that are fit perfectly to your toe so they don’t come off. I have had a toe ring for the last 3 years in a row! Every year I get a new one and have a chit chat with my new crazy friend! I plan on being at the fair every year for the rest of forever. I love traditions and make every effort to keep them going now that it is just me and Morgan. This tradition is something I always look forward too and will never forget. What traditions do you love and have carried on or plan to carry on to your own family? let me know! I am always looking for ideas.

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