Puppy Play Date

This last weekend we were four paws extra. My mom and dad took a little weekend trip so we were honored to have our house guest “Uncle Odie” the beagle to hang out with us. It is always interesting to see just how much extra work it is to have just one more little fur ball running around. Luckily for us, we know Odie so well and Leo is so comfortable with him that it really wasn’t that big of a deal to have him around. The biggest adjustment for us humans was remembering that Odie, being a beagle and all, cannot be trusted without a leash. Die is very much a slave to his nose so once that little guy catches a sent off he goes and there is no stopping him! It is so funny to watch just how different the two of them are being different breeds and all but then at the same time, they are the same goofballs.

We had: 1 dog almost pee on the other, 1 brief chasing session, 3 destroyed toys, more puppy farts than we could count and a pretty fun weekend all in all I would say they two of them had a pretty good time and we pulled off the whole dog sitting thing pretty well.

Odie gained an appreciated for Leo having a photographer for a mom. He is the most camera shy dog there is. I had to laugh at how quickly Odie would turn his head away from me so I could’t take his picture! haha o well, I started Leo young so it is all he knows! For a good portion Saturday, Morgan had to get some tests and study guides done ( yay mid-terms! ) So I had some time to get these two washed and clean, play around and get some cute footage of them interacting with each other…. I know that these little videos are a bit shaky and very ammeter but I am on a real kick lately with the whole video thing! Anyways, with that in mind… I hope you enjoy!

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