Phone Down Eyes UP

A few weeks back Morgan and I were out and about getting some errands done. It was the day before Morgan’s birthday and since we are all about Birthday weekends over here, I was trying to avoid any house work or anything related to the sort but after coming back and letting Leo out to go to the bathroom and seeing leaves all over the place I couldn’t resist trying to contain them. I used the excuse of being outside and getting Leo’s energy out. We have people come and care of our yard normally so we don’t have a rake… but that was fine. I would just use a push broom. Kinda the same thing right?

I got lost in achieving my goal : Contain the leaves.

I looked over my shoulder to check on Leo just to see that I had been throwing leaves in Leo’s face nearly burying him …. OOPS! But after calling Morgan over to see Leo’s beaming face after the leaves were thrown in his face, It was too good to pass up. Leo needed a bath and a hair cut anyway so we went full speed ahead into the leaves. Morgan came out and all three of us spent at least an hour out there throwing the ball, Throwing leaves in the air, screaming, celebrating and building up the pile, over and over again.

New Goal : No Work All Play

It must be my fur momma goggles that make me genuinely believe that every single thing Leo does is THE cutest thing a dog has EVER done. Hence the pictures and forever long Video. Each time Leo did something else, stuck his head right into the pile of leaves with only his wagging tail revealing himself. This little guy man… he keeps our life so fun and has a very special place in my heart. I don’t deserve his love and loyalty. I love this Leo Love Bug, his infinite smile and 100 MPH tail.

We came in smelling like moldy leaves. We had to completely wash off everything from our hands and hair all the way down even Leo’s collar. But we had an absolute blast and Leo was absolutely wiped out. It was so refreshing to just let go of all responsibilities, be completely unproductive, let loose and just play. I cannot believe how lucky I am to have my boys. Its the little, spontaneous things that happen when the phones are away and the T.V. is off,  like messing around in the leaves that become my favorite times and the memories ill cherish forever.

Ive been trying to be more unplugged lately and it has been nothing but a positive experience. If we had come home and turned on the T.V. we would have missed out on this perfect memory. It makes me wonder, How many memories has Netflix stolen from me? Luckily, the control is all in my hands and I’m determined to not miss any more of these times because I chose to watch the next episode or scroll down to see the next person’s posts or feed.The virtual world is great, but NOTHING beats the world I have here, right in front of me with my boys when my phone is down and my eyes are up.

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