10 years ago I ran my first 5K. It was a small local race, rained all morning and I had an absolute blast. A few months later, I did my first spring distance triathlon and the rest was history. From that moment on, I researched training plans, equipment and asked everyone I could for tips and tricks that I could then apply to my training. I have tested and tried everything from clothing to devices, trying to figure out what an athlete should want, have or cannot live without. 

While I could talk your ear off about athletic apparel, shoes, pods and watches, one thing that I still had not been able was tracking. In this day and age, unfortunately, especially for women, being able to be tracked or contact someone while training outside, is imperative. The solution should be simple right? Well it was, when phones weren’t the size of a tablet. I will be the first one to stress the importance of safety, but also the first one to voice how inconvenient it is to run or bike with a giant phone. Bless my husband’s worried heart, I had to compromise with him that I wouldn’t train outside unless there was a way for me to contact him or for him to track me in case of an emergency. 

I tried it all–the chips you put on your keys when you lose them, my watch, small GPS devices, (including those meant for animals)–the problem is, they only work if they are near a phone. I was elated when I came across the company Palm. Oh boy, do I have some news for you! Palm has created the device that we all have been waiting for! It is an extremely small smartphone that can pair to your current phone OR have its own line/number. The phone is affordable, tiny, water and dust resistant, has great cameras and gives you and your loved ones peace of mind while still giving you the freedom to be you. This thing actually fits in those pockets that were built for phones without feeling clunky, sweaty or getting in the way. 

The only drawback of this phone is its battery life. It is a small device, therefore has a small battery. If you are streaming music via Bluetooth the whole time you are running, which most of us do, you will start to run out of battery, but only if you are out running for multiple hours. There are a few ways to combat this drawback. If the phone is fully charged and you take advantage of the battery saving tips found on the website, you will have plenty of battery life. Another battery hack that I have taken advantage of is the Mophie juice pack case. This case gives 13 additional hours of use to your Palm. 

With all of that being said, my overall opinion of this device is that it is perfect for EVERY athlete. The days of lugging your screen around are no more. Palm eliminates your phone jabbing you in the stomach at the gym because you have no other option but to tuck it into your pants, or jamming your phone into a pocket that is barely big enough just so you can have a sweaty square stuck to your arm or leg while training. It fits perfectly in the pocket of a cycling jersey during a century ride or a swim bag while getting some laps in at the pool. The freedom that this device gives me while training has not only given me peace of mind, but also eliminates the bulk of a phone while still maintaining all the features of one. Palm recently announced that you can now purchase an unlocked Palm with its own number/line on, or you can get it as a companion device (where it shares the same number as your main smartphone) through Verizon or Best Buy.

Possibly the best feature (aside from its size) is Life Mode. This mode allows to you silences the notifications that are simply distractions that take away from what you are doing in the moment, whether it be your last set of reps, that negative run split or the last 100 yards to summit a canyon climb on your bike. The times when you are digging deep, connecting with yourself on a different level, those are the times we crave as athletes. Those times are why we do what we do and Palm allows you to escape the world and be in your escape, just for a little, while still staying safe and connected. 

I have used my Palm for every bike ride and run since receiving the phone. On more than one occasion I have slightly panicked thinking that it must have slipped out of my running belt or cycling jersey because it is THAT small and convenient. Obviously, I should realize that would not be the case or I would have no music coming through my headphones, but “runners brain” is a real thing. I have also found myself to be more focused and successful on my training runs because I don’t have meaningless notifications distracting me, and my equipment is now an asset rather than a nuisance.

As I mentioned before, the Palm was meant for my training, but little did I realize how much it would bleed into my everyday life. I have taken it to concerts, basketball games and outings with friends and allowed me to be more present. This phone is game changing for anyone committed to a sport, a family or to being a good friend, by being present and living the life that is in front of them. 

This Post is Sponsored by Palm. As always, all opinions and ideas are my own

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