Moon Lake

This Summer Morgan and I made our way out to a new camp site called Moon Lake. We scheduled a this trip with our friends back in January. I saw a picture of a giant full moon over the lake on pinterest years ago and while I was searching the title of the picture “moon lake” came up! I was so excited that it was in Utah and decided one day I will camp at moon lake while there was a full moon. As you can imagine the full moon wasn’t as crazy huge as it was in the picture but we still had a good time.

Our friends got a canoe and wanted to try it out on the lake so Leo was able to get some good time in swimming. It makes me laugh every time I see him paddling around and splashing about while chasing sticks. Unfortunately, our fun at the lake was cut way shorter than anticipated and we got caught in a rain storm. luckily, we had some games and a big tent to pass the time thanks to our camping buddies. We ended up spending the rest of the afternoon going exploring on a hike and made our way back to the lake to watch the sunset. The guys tried to go back out on the lake to fish and almost immediately, the wind kicked back up again and it was as if another storm was rolling in. This time we stuck it out and the wind settled down so they were able to get back out on the lake.

Every night we made it back to camp so late that we were prepping dinner in the dark and eating near midnight. One night Leo was so tired he jumped into the tent and wouldn’t leave. He was so tired he was willing to chill in the tent by himself which is unheard of! For this trip we split up meals and Morgan and I were in charge of desserts so we decided to make peach cobbler and cherry cobbler. I wish I had gotten a picture of it, I felt so proud like I was carrying on some family legacy or tradition.

For as long as I can remember my brother was just soo good at cooking with the Dutch oven I just assumed eh, it is his thing and I’ll just reap the benefits. I had never tried to make any of the food before. I have grown up with “dutch oven events” every time my family got together we usually made some sort of extravagant dish or big production dinner and if we all get our way, Cody is making it in the dutch oven. Those times are so fun and exciting for me that I find excitement knowing that I have been able to pull off possibly the most simple of meals ever to be made but I still pulled it off and there is hope for me yet.

I spent most of the time with my camera down and only got a few clips or pictures here or there but we had a great time. Check it out below!


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