King Bee

Meet my dad. He always has the craziest ideas. For the past I don’t know how long, every year he would ask for a fruit tree for his birthday. I remember the first time he came back from his tree hunting trip with a stick MAYBE 2 feet tall with no branches and It was confirmed, my dad is insane! We laughed and joked about dads “fruit stick tree” and gave him so much crap for it. Well, fast forward a few years and now we have beautiful trees growing in the back yard producing fruit and providing hours of entertainment as we pick and throw cherries at each other! Well just as soon as we admit that his idea was in fact pretty cool, he comes up with another…. This time… Bees. WHAT?

I remember my dad telling me about the beehives in the back of my grandpas shop multiple times and how he helped tend the hives. I never thought that those stories would turn into real life experiences. But, it has! With the fruit trees, gardens and chickens, we have our own mini farm in the back of my parents house. Morgan and my brother HATE bees so its pretty funny to see them hesitantly watch as we do “hive inspections”.

I like to help by taking pictures of each side of the slides so my dad can go back and examine each one via pictures. The funny thing is that I can walk up right next to the hive and not be bothered once by the bees. My dad gets his hands all in the hive and is poking around so he has the full get up ( besides what is a bee – keeper without his uniform?) but I am standing right next to him completely exposed and untouched by the bees while laughing at the boys hiding around the corner for no good reason at all. I have been stung once, but it was because a bee was on my camera strap and I smushed it on my neck….. I would have stung me too…

Anyways, I love joking with my mom and dad having his “ladies” off the side of the house and asking dad how his “girls” are. I filmed this during the early season “hive inspection” mostly because I never want to forget my dad’s crazy ideas. This last few months we were even able to harvest jars of honey! But I don’t dare let him know that his crazy idea has been so fun because that may trigger the next outlandish adventure 😉 These are the little adventures that are easy to take advantage of but I never want to forget.


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