4 Down 1 To Go

This year marks Morgan’s 4th year cancer free. Medically speaking Morgan won’t be considered cancer free until he hits 5 years so every year it only make sense to thrown him a “cancer free anniversary” party as we get one year closer. This year we had a smaller get together at TopGolf. Morgan has wanted to go there for a while now and the guest of honor gets to pick the venue.

Let us just start off by saying Morgan is way good at golfing. My exposure to the game (besides accidentally hitting my brother in the face with a driver in my parent’s backyard) is in high school when Morgan took me out after graduation rehearsal to hit a bucket of balls. Quite frankly golf is the only sport that seems to put me to sleep. Morgan on the other hand loves golf. It has been a big part of his life and is love for golf has been nurtured by the good memories he has golfing with his grandpa when he was little so tonight’s party location was only fitting.

When we got to TopGolf we had to figure out how the game actually worked since it’s not like traditional golf. Turns out its all set up very similar to bowling. After we got out names in the system and our cards hooked to our names it didn’t take long to realize a few things

  1.  Hannah suckered us all and has some crazy golf skills don’t believe her if she says she doesn’t
  2.  Maddie proved that technique isn’t everything and killed it while swinging her way
  3.   Im better at throwing the ball than actually hitting it
  4.  There was no chance in beating Morgan because he could hit the ball to the very back of the course. Each hit getting caught by the net and automatically getting 7X’s as much points as the balls that made it into the holes, made him untouchable.

We had such a fun time. The food was great, and our waitress even got us doughnut holes as a gift for Morgan! Overall we love having an excuse to turn this sucky situation into an annual party to get together with our friends. It’s a good reminder each year to get your annual check up. So, if you needed one, consider this yours. Just do it. It’s annoying and inconvenient but Cancer is much much worse and funerals are expensive. Catch it early and you’ll have an excuse for your family to celebrate instead of mourn. If you don’t do it for you, do it for those you want at your party.

HAPPY CANCER FEE ANNIVERSARY MORGAN – I love you more than I thought possible and I am so so glad you are happy and healthy and still here to make my world go round.


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