Leo Love Bug

This is Leo, the Schnauzer, poodle mix who made me a dog person.

A year after Morgan and I moved into our own house we were entertaining the idea of getting a puppy. one day at work I was browsing KSL and found an add for "Schnoodle puppies" I had NO clue what that was so I looked it up. Turns out these puppies met every requirement! The don't shed, they are a medium breed, they are smart and semi - near where we lived. I talked to Morgan about it and that Friday we drove down to see if we would be a good match. Talk about love at first sight! Leo came running right up and cuddled in my lap and I was in love. We took the little rascal home and he has been King of the house ever since. I will be the first to say I love this guy more than I love most people. 



Leo has the game of fetch down pat. Leo lives and breathes to play fetch. I blame Morgan for this since he worked so hard with Leo when he was little to be able to catch and fetch. Leo's most favorite things to fetch are balls that have a squeaker or sticks. Oh my gosh he loves sticks. 



Leo is our fur baby. He is my little guy. I don't have a baby to dress up and celebrate or document mile stones so Leo gets the brunt of it all. This last year I convinced Morgan to throw him a birthday party for his 1st birthday and he was in heaven he had a cake and everything.  



Leo loves to be outside. he loves to go camping and explore all the smells, he will go out in the summer and play in the kiddie pool but his very favorite thing is the snow!! He loves to sniff and dig and search for balls whether its his tennis ball or just a snowball, everything is better if he is in the snow.