Hello? Hello? Is this thing on?

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Hello? Hello? Is this thing on?

I just got an email in my inbox notifying me that my domain name needs to be renewed… whoa what? It has almost been a year since I started this thing? What a strange thought. The funny thing is that I sit here writing this “post” just talking to myself. I basically just sit here and “throw up” my words onto this keyboard accompany them with a few pictures and hit “publish”

This world is so cluttered with content every day all day. So why or how could my words be able to stand out above that massively cluttered virtual world?! I am not as funny as Charlie and his bitten finger or dancing pandas. I am in no way trained or studying the art of “people read my blog” it’s just the goofy me typing away and laughing out loud at my stupid jokes or pathetic moments thinking that I am just the funniest human on this planet hoping that somehow my words can help others. Whether its by adding to the cluttered feed with positivity, humor or inspiration but if I'm not then hey, it is all good. A majority of the time I think I may be the only one that laughs at my jokes anyways haha!

In fact, I was listening to a podcast the other day and they mentioned that they aren’t a huge podcast, never going to be chart toppers or be in the hundreds of thousands of subscribers but It is okay because while they are recording, they just have to imagine that they are in a room and instead of sitting there, just the two of them, they pretend that they are talking to the 1000 people who are subscribed to their podcast and that alone is tons of people. Instead of worrying about the kagillion other people out there who aren’t listening. 

That got me thinking about my Blog… what the, If anyone knows me there are a few things that scare me to death … Sharks, Snakes and Public Speaking…. Oh man I HATE speaking in public. I can go into detail about that another time but thinking about SPEAKING to people all in one room just like “hey, We went camping last weekend and I made my first Dutch oven meal.” *awkward wave and nervous laugh* AH! That is so silly hahaha! So as much as it would be great to have so many followers that I could actually make money off a blog, something that I love to do would be fantastic… HOWEVER, the introvert in me that I have to try to suppress daily wants to crawl in an embarrassed hole and dwell there with a good book and endless supply of Vitamin Water and cowtail candies. (I am currently eating one right now … mmmmm :D ) 

It did get me thinking though, Why do I get so nervous at the thought of people reading my blog? haha! why do I even have one?! Well, mostly for family and friends who I can't talk with regularly, and anyone who cares. It is strange though, seeing all these articles of "how to get more blog followers" and then having the thought "oh crap, people are reading this!" "do I sound stupid? do people just roll their eyes? should I be getting more followers? is this even good content?" It especially hits hard when I look up how many views a post got and if you subtract the random foreign clicks and possibly spammy or even my own after doing a quick check, and see that there are hardly as many views as I thought or hoped. Whoa back up.... how can I be so worried about the thought of people reading my blog and what they think of what I have to say but then get bummed when I see that no one has read a post!? ( man I must be a girl! haha)

When it all comes down to it, I have an audience. It may be far and few between and consistently consists of my momma (thanks mom) but I'm happy with who I've got. Welcome to my little round table where we chat, drink vitamin water, eat cow tails and talk about a whole lot of positive nothings. I appreciate you all who show up and read my blog, leave supportive messages and encourage my introverted worry wart self to keep on keeping on. So shout out to you guys! Ill keep my domain name current and you'll keep seeing me pop up in your feeds or inboxes here or there. But until then, Much love and gratitude for you and your support!