Short and Sweet Reminders

So I think we have all figured out that life is well, not so easy. While we all want to just make it through, I would love to be able to make it through life AND be a good human. Ya know, a contributing member of society? Someone who makes a difference, who encourages and ultimately helps others feel uplifted. Turns out, it is actually pretty impossible to help others feel that way when you don't feel it yourself! Unfortunately, It has proven to be very difficult these days, finding inspiration to help others, to cheer each other on and to not feel bogged down by the news or media not to mention SOCIAL MEDIA.

I often find myself searching for inspiration. Something, ANYTHING, that aligns with my vision of dream chasing and goal getting. Weather that is in a blog post, a Pinterest pin or a picture. Lately, with my love for lettering, I have been jotting down sayings or phrases that I have heard or told myself to not only keep going when hitting a rough spot, but keep going with grace and dignity. 

So this little quick post is to give you a few short and sweet reminders, I guess a form of a Pinterest board already curated right here in your midst. As you scroll down there are a few of my favorite quotes or sayings. If there is one that specifically resonates with you, post it! its Instagram ready! Lets fill social media with positivity and motivation rather than negativity and spite. Quite honestly, these days, I think the world needs more of these little reminders but there is only so much one can do but whatever that is, I am doing it.