You ARE awesome... Seriously

Why is it so easy for us to give others way more credit than we give ourselves? I know when I see a girl at the grocery store in sweats or a workout top the first thing I think is “okay how does she look that cute in sweats?” but when I am in that same spot, I am strategizing how quickly I can get in and out and if I see someone I know I’m dodging or diving into the next isle like I’m hiding from the police! What if we lived in a world where we gave ourselves just as much credit as we gave others? Instead of dwelling on all the bad we gave ourselves credit for all the good. We applauded ourselves for actually getting to the store to get groceries rather than beat ourselves down for looking less than our best while doing so.

It is so easy these days to compare our self to others especially when all we allow ourselves to see is the life that is presented in the form of perfect pictures that have been screened and edited before being allowed to be posted on Instagram or Facebook. We don’t let ourselves think past the pictures to the piles of laundry that person needs to fold, the dirty dishes or the demons of self-doubt that they battle. I know that I have found myself wishing “oh If only I could have her life!” but then, do I REALLY want that life? Do I REALLY know what she is going through or dealing with? Because it’s probably just about the same amount of crap that I have to deal with too.

No one is dealt a perfect hand. But we are all playing the game. So let’s not forget, we are all awesome. In our own individual way. That girl you follow on Instagram who has the perfect house, husband, dog, and never has a bad hair day… guess what that’s a lie. The next time you have those feelings of self-doubt or negativity, make them sit down and shut up because girl you  have work to do and you don’t need a bully in your life so don’t be that bully. If you can't convince yourself let me be the one to tell you just how awesome you are... this right here is your formal notification that you are awesome. A one of a kind gem that is just as awesome as that girl you envy on instagram. She would give you just as much credit as you are giving her so just take it. You are awesome and it is time that you accepted it.