Hear me Roar, Im 24!

24 holy cow. It is getting weirder and weirder to start telling people my age. I when I was younger, I remember sitting on the couch watching the olympics seeing the athletes name and ages pop up on the screen as they were lining up to start competing and doing the math, "they are 10 years older than me". Now, I am starting to hear about all these star athletes or computer geniuses making waves in the world by creating this, or accomplishing that and they are my age if not just a few years older! Things that I actually remember, like 9/11 are in history books taught in school and honestly that realization is really starting to freak me out!  

This past year has been really dedicated to creating a firm foundation for my business and really being confident in my work and in my self worth. In years past, I found myself often offering discounts to people, setting prices because that is what everyone else said I needed to, but not feeling like I deserved to. I am proud to say, that girl is gone. I spent the last year developing my business into something that I could be proud of and confidently charge for and it has been such a mind blowing experience. I wish it hadn't taken so long, that the Dellany now, could just shake the Dellany then and get her to wake up. But if we are talking time travel I would have been going back to those high school days and those pre teen days and down the rabbit hole we go.... As hard as it is to learn and grow, I am grateful for the chance to do so, I am happy to have moments like now where I can step back and say "you killed it". 

And that is what I plan to do this year...

This year, I am so freaking excited for this year! Like I mentioned earlier, last year was largely dedicated to developing and improving my business, this year is dedicated to improving and developing myself. I took a step back a few weeks ago mid "oh my gosh what am I doing with my life I am almost a quarter way to being 100 years old" panic, and did a little self evaluation. "why am I so bummed about being 24?". Well, like I mentioned before, I wanted to do something that made waves, that seemed incredible just like all those other 24 year old cool cats. So then I had to decide what is incredible? Since winning a gold medal in the olympics is not in the foreseeable future, what is something feasible that is going to make myself proud or eligible for the "cool cat" club ;) I sat there and sat there and nothing came to me. I am pathetic, I am just another average person who isn't going to do anything extraordinary. But then something I had occasionally thought of here or there popped up and I made an action plan, then another idea came into my mind, then there was another and another. I was so excited about these new goals for this next year, I couldn't stop talking about them to Morgan and couldn't sleep! All those ideas aren't going to be impressive to everyone or maybe anyone, but that isn't the point, the point is that I want to impress myself...

So here I am, excited about being 24, completely elated about the next year to come and ready to roar. 

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So Birthday celebration... I am a very lucky girl and celebrated the entire weekend! It started out Friday night when Morgan surprised me with a Sushi night with all our friends! They then came over for a few hours of games,cake and ice cream! We stayed up sooo much later than all of us are used to, by the time we called it a night we were zombies.

Sushi rolls : Summer, Vegas, 49er, Philadelphia... AKA: if it has cream cheese ill like it.

Saturday Morgan and I Had to take care of a few "routine" things but then met up with ma bestie hannah, and we went out for a fun Birthday shoot. Morgan always asks what I want to do for my birthday and its almost always "take some pics" I love going out and just shooting for fun. Last year we did a cake theme with the typical cake smash and balloons so this year I picked glitter... had I realized that even now, 3 showers later that I would still be sparkling, I may have chosen something different but what's done is done and we had a fun time! 

My main goal was to try to get something more edgy, editorial, different. None of the normal typical posed shots. We ended up getting a little of both but found myself really having to stretch my mind and knowledge to find some interesting light since it was an overcast day. (lame) 

we got some fun shots, laughed a ton, got glitter EVERYWHERE and Morgan killed it with the video! Hannah, my sista from another mista is always so great at helping me create my vision, so the shoot wouldn't have been so successful without her take on things and blunt corrections ;) And that's part of the reason we love Hannah. It was fun to pass around the camera between Morgan, Hannah and I while spouting out directions and have three minds create the fun. Morgan will forever hold it against me that his once manly truck is full of gold glitter but hey, you win some you lose some ;) But in all seriousness, I know that I am so incredibly lucky to have such a great sport as a husband. Morgan deserves 50 gold stars and his truck, some sort of a purple heart.

After the shoot we went home and I was able to edit the session pics and some of the video while Morgan finished up/ turned in a few assignments and tests before we headed off to a night at the Cheese Cake Factory! (We always go there for Birthdays, everything is so great) we ate so much bread and the portions are out of this world huge so we ended us just getting cake to go and coming straight home, saving the cake and leftovers for Sunday's lunch. 

My Pick : Chicken Bellagio || Red velvet cheesecake

Morgan's pick: Chicken and Biscuts || Snickers cheesecake (But wished he stayed with the usual, the salted caramel cheesecake )

My actual Birthday was pretty low key and focused more on family, I spent some time over with my in-laws then headed over to my parents house for my birthday dinner!

Dinner of choice : Haystacks 

After dinner my mom ran downstairs and brought up my "cake". We were joking a month before when I was deciding on what I wanted to eat for dinner and what cake I wanted and told her that I wanted a fruit cake. I have never been a huge fan of cake so normally we have cheese cake or Ice cream cake so this was right up my ally! Mom even made a mini cake for Morgan to eat since he is the strangest human on the planet and hates fruit. But seriously, can you believe she made that?! So So cool! It definitely beats out the ballerina teddy bear cake she made for my 8th birthday party. Go mom! ( That woman can seriously do everything )

This birthday was one for the books and was the perfect kick off to this next year!